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Jim Straw passed away on December 3, 2012 - I will miss him so much,
he was a great mentor to me and many others.

The offer made at the end of this webinar is still available, however
 the personal coaching is no longer available from Jim.

After watching, click here to get all the info on Jim's fantastic program

You can purchase a copy of Jim's book, Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains via Amazon

Here are my comments and review of his book (you will see this on Amazon also):

I've had the privilege to know Jim Straw, learn insights from him, and I've been able to sit down with him for one-on-one chats at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and break times at conferences and workshops over the years.

I've just finished reading Jim's book "Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains" and wanted to say it's great! It's the next best thing to sitting down with Jim one-on-one. His writing style is the same as his personal conversations with you... Real world practical advice and wisdom that can be used to get real results.

If I had to tell you my favorite part of the book it would have to be the story of Jim's friend named George. I won't say where it is in the book, it's best that you find it for yourself, but I will tell you in that one short little story, Jim reveals so many success secrets that those three or four pages should be read daily for a year, and then reviewed monthly thereafter - it's that revealing.

Highly recommended!

Mark Hendricks

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